Safety is at the forefront of everything we do




WE service New York, New England, Eastern Canada, and other locations in the northeast from a storage yard located in Auburn, NY.


We use the highest quality mast climbers and transport platforms (buck hoists), primarily utilizing HEK brand equipment


We provide exceptional service and we’re focused on minimizing customer’s cost of ownership and ease of completing the required scope.


we are creative in our instillation designs, and utilize professional engineering services if required.


Our team is knowledgeable in all facets of instAllation and operation including troubleshooting and repairs, and IS available to personally view any project location.

Northern Mast Climbers provides access to professionally trained technicians for the competent installation, disassembly & service of each mast climbing system. These technicians also provide comprehensive training to each of the employees that will utilize the systems while they are installed at the job site. Northern Mast Climbers supports our customers with exceptional equipment that is thoroughly inspected before, during, and after each and every job. We specialize in electric units due to their superiority in travel speed, reliability, productivity, safety, and ease of maintenance. From bidding and layout through to design, erection, training, and service, our customers rely on Northern to handle the details and keep the mast climbing operations simple, safe, and productive.